Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Indulge in Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, and you’ll quickly discover why they say: “all shave ice is not created equal”!

Since 2008, award-winning Ululani’s, has redefined the art of shave ice. They take a basic combination of ice and syrup and elevate it into a delightful creation by using their unique syrups, top-quality ice, deluxe add-ons, and innovative methods. Infused with their signature “Alohatude” (Spirit of Aloha with Gratitude) service approach, Ululani’s transforms the shave ice experience into something truly extraordinary.

What sets Ululani’s apart as the pinnacle of shave ice perfection? It begins with their use of ultra-purified water and 100% pure cane sugar syrups crafted from premium all-natural purees and extracts. Offering over 50 diverse flavors means an array of endless taste possibilities! As an added treat, Ululani’s proudly serves the award-winning, locally made Roselani ice cream as a delectable option.

Despite the loss of two of their shops in the devastating Lahaina fires, Ululani’s resiliently operates four locations across Maui. Show your support for this remarkable business by visiting their establishments in Kahului, Kihei, Paia, or Maui Lani.

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Did You Know?

Shave ice found its way to Hawai`i through the migration of Japanese immigrants who arrived to work in the sugar cane plantations and pineapple fields. Using a block of ice, they shaved it akin to planing wood or with a machete, then drizzled various flavored juices or syrups over it. It became a favored refreshment in the hot, tropical climate, enjoyed by plantation workers on their sole day off – Sundays. As these immigrants transitioned away from plantations, they established family-run grocery stores, often featuring shave ice, which eventually became a commercial hit and a beloved tradition in Hawaiian culture, continuing to gain popularity over time.

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