Drums of the Pacific Lu’au

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of Polynesia at the Drums of the Pacific Lu’au hosted by Hyatt Regency Maui. Nestled on the renowned Ka’anapali Beach, this captivating lu’au has enchanted over 2 million visitors since its inception in 1980.

As the conch shell echoes and the drums resound, embark on Maui’s most exhilarating lu’au experience. Presented by Tihati Productions, the Drums of the Pacific Polynesian Spectacular invites you on a vibrant voyage through the enchanting islands of Polynesia. Witness a traditional imu ceremony and savor the exotic tastes of authentic Hawaiian cuisine.

Drums of the Pacific Lu’au remains dedicated to showcasing genuine chants, songs, and dances from Hawai’i and its neighboring Polynesian islands, which have profoundly shaped Hawaiian life and traditions over the centuries. Revel in the sharing of legends and tales from Maui and Polynesia, as the lu’au illustrates both the distinctiveness and interconnectedness of island cultures. From the graceful Hawaiian hula to the awe-inspiring Samoan fire-knife dance and the dynamic drum performances of Tahiti, the revue underscores the unity and parallels among these diverse cultures.

The concept of hospitality is deeply ingrained in Polynesian cultures. Treating visitors with respect, offering them ample food, and welcoming them with songs and dances are integral aspects of their traditions. The lu’au embodies this spirit of hospitality, serving as a genuine expression of the warmth and generosity inherent in Polynesian communities.

Immerse yourself in the profound warmth ingrained in all Polynesian cultures during this unforgettable experience on the shores of Ka’anapali Beach.

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