Hike Maui

Discover the true essence of Maui alongside Hike Maui! Trek through vibrant rainforests, take exhilarating leaps from breathtaking waterfalls, immerse yourself in the serenity of Haleakala Crater, and journey through the enchanting beauty of the Hana Highway.

Guided by the expertise of Hike Maui’s well-trained guides, your vacation will be transformed into an unforgettable adventure. Armed with a wealth of naturalist knowledge and engaging personalities, these guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience throughout all of Hike Maui’s excursions.

For over four decades, Hike Maui has been exploring the wonders of Maui with guests. They extend a warm invitation for you to join them and discover firsthand why countless visitors have fallen in love with the Hike Maui experience!

Hike Maui offers experiences for a variety of ages and skill levels. Click “Learn More” to find the perfect adventure for you!

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